Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Picture Find

Today's blog is a game that my wife and sons are playing while on vacation.  The game is to simply take a picture of an item/place like the one below and have the others find it.  I started this in the airport during a long layover.  I would text my sons a picture of a item/place from an unusual angle.  I would wait at the location until my sons found me.

The picture below is of a beautiful area my wife and I found during a walk in Rockport, Massachusetts.    It is  my sons' job to find the area and take a picture of it with them in the photo.  If you are really interested in the area below, it even has it's own facebook page Mill Brook Meadow Facebook (click on link to learn more).   

This game can be Team Competition by  taking  multiple pictures of places/items in your school/workplace or local park and have teams find them for a team competition. 

Lucas completing the challenge/Ben documenting completion