Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finley 5 K - Race for SIDS Awareness

Balloon Release

I learned tonight that 4500 children die annually from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome but I also learned that with a little help from your friends you can have a 5K that transcends a running event.

 Nearly 1000 friends met at Georgetown College to not just to participate in a race and to raise awareness about SIDS but it gave each one of us a chance to share our love for a special family.

I am truly blessed to work in Scott County and tonight as I ran, I saw a thousand or so of those blessings.

 I want to thank the organizers and all the volunteers that staged a great race that was top notch.  Stacie Wilson and Samantha Eddington you did a fantastic job of putting all of this together.   When a tragedy happens, we all need an avenue to help and this race gave so many of us that avenue.

 I want to commend the Ellison family for the courageous words they said before the race.  You spoke your heart to hundreds of people and this can be so hard.

The Howatts
Instead of words, the rest of tonight's blog will be pictures of our friends. You can click on any picture to enlarge.  A special thanks to my wife Beth for the great shots.  She has a real talent of capturing an event with pictures.

Thanks to all that participated - it was a wonderful night.

Halfway done
Always smiling

No excuses 

It was HOT

Looking for Andrew

JPC and Robert
Great Teachers
Big "I"


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  1. It was an honor to participate in the Finley 5K along with so many of Scott County family. I am blessed to live in such a caring community! My love goes out to all of the participants, volunteers, and organizers! Kudos to all!