Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cow Patty Bingo

Successful leaders create a culture that allows for creativity and the desire for employees to take chances.  Too often we get in a "rut" and it is important to have people in your organization that think creatively.  

Lucas Gravitt
Below is a blog from Lucas Gravitt and his "Cow Patty Bingo" fund raiser for the Scott County High School's Project Graduation.  Lucas was willing to try a different slant on fund raising and the blog describes an event that may go down as one of the most original ways to raise money ever.  

Bev - gives cow advice
If you would like to donate to a Project Graduation to help keep our graduates safe and have a great time on graduation night, please contact Mr. Gravitt at Scott County High School.  Any donation of time or money will be appreciated.  

Tonight, Project Graduation made $1,840.00 in donations by hosting Cow Patty Bingo.  We held the event at the county park, had parents to volunteer to use field chalk to line out the grid, paint on the numbers, and we had a cow who volunteered from the local petting zoo.  After all tickets were sold ($20 each), we let the cow loose and let him "go".  It only took about 40 seconds before his tail started to rise.  After he walked around for a bit, he went and we had a winner!  The prize was given by two local businesses, this way 100% of the ticket sales goes straight to Project Graduation
Action Shot 

We have a winner

.  The lucky winner receives 7-night hotel accommodation at any Wyndham Resort (owned or affiliated) in the world.  The winner is a parent of one of our seniors!  

We are quite happy for our first cow patty experience and the spectators in attendance demanded that we schedule another one in two weeks! 

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