Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seven Questions of Great Significance

We have conducted Team Competitions for 14 years, and the Seven Questions of Great Significance has been the final event every year.  The beauty of this final activity is that it allows teams that are behind in the competition to catch up, and it allows teams that are in the lead to wager wisely and still win.

Team Yellow with the correct answer
Before the competition we create seven trivia questions and create a category for each question. Questions should be considered that are difficult but the teams should have a chance at answering.  I always tried to create questions that teachers at least have an opportunity to answer.  Here are the actual categories and questions from this year's competition. Feel free to answer in the comment box below.
Great teamwork in action

Presidential Trivia
Name the first President born in a hospital.
Kentucky Derby
The winning horse of the Kentucky Derby receives roses, what type of flower does the winner of the Preakness receive?
Who was the voice of Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story?
On April 1st of each year, Alfred E. Newman celebrates this birthday. (Looking for an age).
Joe Pat Covington (Assistant Principal at Scott County High School) has 400 friends on Facebook. Is the real total Over/Under/Push
How many "s" tiles are there in the game Words With Friends
Georgetown, Ky Economics.    
Toyota is the biggest employer with 7,900 employees
Scott County Board of Education is second with 1,045
What is the third biggest employer (with over 800 employees) 
Teachers can wager 5 points on the first category up to 35 points on the seventh question.  The wagers are made on the category before the team members see the question.  The picture below shows the winning team from this year' competition and the wagers made on each category.  
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner 

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