Monday, November 25, 2013


This morning at 9:15 sirens went off at Elkhorn Crossing School.  "The Event" had started!!!

Local first responders set up a mock plane crash in which evidence was everywhere to be found.  The students worked collaboratively to assist the wounded, investigate the crash and document the disaster.  

The list below gives  examples of each village's role in the reenactment.  

Health Science - Assist the wounded 
Bio-Medical - Conduct autopsy and collect forensic evidence. 
Law and Justice - Collect evidence and prepare for a court case. 
Engineering - Determine the cause of the crash using physics. 
Media Arts - Document the disaster through video and photography.

Special thanks to all of Georgetown and Scott County EMS/Police/Sheriff and other first responders for making this happen!!

The Event has Started 

Thank you to EMS and other First Responders 

Evidence to be investigated

The Walking Wounded 

More walking wounded 

ECS students investigating 

Student collecting evidence 


Special Investigator 


  1. I just LOVE this activity! What a great example of collaborative teaching and cross-curricular learning using real world situations! Kudos to ECS!

  2. This "Event" is awesome. What an incredible learning exercise for all!