Thursday, November 21, 2013

Growth Mindset from a Teacher's Perspective

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At a recent Professional Development our teachers studied the book "Mindsets" by Carol Dweck.  The teachers jigsawed different sections of the book and as we discussed the different excerpts, the teachers  began to list ways they could demonstrate teaching methods to help students to develop a "growth mindset".

The five pictures depict teacher ideas of the five different groups.  There is some redundancy on the list as teachers came up with similar ideas.  The teachers were able to put a check mark besides three of the ideas they were willing to try in order to develop a growth mindset in his or her students.

The following are highlights from the list:

  • Learn along with your students.  Admit you don't know everything.  ( I love this one. This teaches students that learning is a lifelong process.)
  • Use think time to allow students to formulate his or her answer. This holds all students accountable.  
  • Focus on rewarding student effort as much as intellect. 
  • Consistent praise for effort. 
  • Celebrate achievements.  Even small steps. 
  • Give specific and honest feedback on student work.  
  • Raise expectations and give students the tools to get there.  
  • Incorporate Kagan teaching methods. 
During this process, teachers naturally apply the concepts of the growth mindsets not only to his or her students.  They also apply to his or her own children and personal lives.  Everytime I work with teachers on Carol Dweck's book, I learn more about myself.  I highly recommend taking time to find out more ways to create an attitude that you have control of your abilities. 

If you want more ideas on how to work with teachers on developing a growth minds, feel free contacting me at or look at an earlier blog I wrote about the book Mindsets at

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