Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Super Bowl Lines

Super Bowl XLVIII will be played in the tropical weather of New Jersey.  MetLife Stadium will host and hopefully the George Washington Bridge will be open.  It isn't a good sign when there is a snowflake on the  Super Bowl logo. 

Below are my "lines" for the 2014 Super Bowl.  When setting the sheet, create some lines that don't deal with the actual game.  Questions such as "what will be the first advertisement after kickoff? and what will Bruno Mars first song be? will enable more to participate.

Feel free to copy and paste to create your own competition.  Also, if you have unique lines for your competition, send me an email.  

2014 Super Bowl
2 Points for each correct                    answer

1.   Who will win the game?

2.   Who will win the coin toss?

3. Which product will have the               first  advertisement after                    kickoff?

4. (Circle One) Who will score the first touchdown?   Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, other

5. Over/Under/Push Total                  Points Scored = 53

6. (Circle One) Super Bowl MVP? Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Julius Thomas, other

7.    Which team will score                  first?

8.Over/Under/Push Manning              touchdown passes = 3

9. Over/Under/Push   Russell            Wilson interceptions = 1

10. Over/Under/Push  Longest           field goal = 45 yards

11.   Over/Under/Push  Total              points at halftime = 26

12.  Over/Under/Push  Number           of Wes Welker receptions = 4

13.  Game time Temperature at kickoff - 25 degrees Fahrenheit  over/under/push  

14.   Final score of game.  Closest team to correct score will receive 5 extra points.

15. What will Bruno Mars first            song at halftime?  

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