Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Free Library

Today, as we were driving to visit Red Oak Elementary in Jessamine County, a very small library caught my eye.  I read recently about the Little Free Library boxes and had heard of the concept before.  On Kentucky Highway 169, just east of North Central Ave. in Nicholasville, I found my first one.
Richmond Ave. and North Central Ave. 
The concept is a simple one: Bring a Book, Leave a Book.  I believe the message is a powerful one.  What a great project for a school to promote reading not only with students but to promote reading for the whole community.  For a small price and a little work, a school could sponsor a Little Free Library and the whole community could profit.

I want to thank the individual(s) that created the one pictured and encourage others to do the same.

Please visit/click on  this link for more ideas Little Free Library Site .

Also, click link to locate a Little Free Library near you.   Map of Little Free Library


  1. There is one in Georgetown also. It's downtown on Washington street near Chambers Ave. I had been meaning to stop and see what it was and when I saw that one in Jessamine County, it made me even more curious. After looking into it, it made me feel like we need more in town.

  2. Stamping Ground could use one! I might look into it and see what it would take to get it going.