Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Time - Elkhorn Crossing School Opening Day Video

It's Time

After a summer hiatus from the blog, It's Time to start again.

Today's blog is from Elkhorn Crossing School.  It shows the creativity, enthusiasm and the passion of our teachers as we start another school year.  Almost all teachers have certain amount of nervousness as a new year begins.  Taking time to create a video not only helps mentally prepare teachers for a new school year but it also is a wonderful motivational tool for your students.

I watched today as students at Elkhorn Crossing viewed the video.   The students cheered for each teacher  was highlighted on the video.  As the students cheered,
I watched as teachers lose the apprehension for a new school year.

I invite you to watch It's Time by clicking on the link.  Special thanks to students Sarah Baker and Corey Phelps for creating a great opening day video.

As we start a new year, I invite you to share ideas that motivate, compliment and inspire your students and staff.

Have a great school year.

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