Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Six Motivational Ideas

Today's blog highlights six additional ideas shared by Michelle Cassady.  Michelle is the Director of Instruction for Woodford County Schools and this is her second addition to the blog.  Her original blog ideas was one of the most viewed and I really appreciate these additional ideas.

If you have ideas you would like to share, feel free to send ideas to csworth@windstream.net.

1.       Give colored certificates for years of service at faculty meeting; Platinum Level—Above 30 years; Gold Level—Above 25 years; Silver—20 years; Bronze—15 years; Pink & Blue Baby Award—completed first year
2.       Jeans All Week to celebrate our “Genius” Teachers on Staff
3.       Put up a bulletin board of jokes (clean ones), cartoons, faculty members making silly faces photos
4.       Pass out party favor blowouts for “Blowout” All Your Stress Time—play an upbeat song such as “Celebrate” to play along with with your blowers.
5.       Have an after-school walkthrough by faculty members—Put a blank sheet of paper by each teacher’s door.  Require every teacher to walk through every teachers room.  After they walk through, they write a positive remark about what they have seen on the paper by the door.
6.       Decorate your front foyer with live trees and shrubs borrowed from a local nursery—have prices available in case teachers want to purchase them from the nursery

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