Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Truths and One Lie

Three Truths and One Lie

As we start a new school year and we introduce new staff, one of the best team competitions is Three Truths and One Lie. This game can be played both as an ice breaker or a full team competition. Read below for a full description.

 In Three Truths and One Lie, each competitor writes three truths and one lie about himself or herself.  The other competitors have to decide which statement is the lie.  An example of  what a competitor’s question may look like in Three Truths and One Lie is listed below.

John Doe

A. Was on Romper Room as a child
B. Rode a mule through a Mexican city
C. Loves to scrapbook
D. Attended 7 different schools as a child

The easiest way to set up this game is to have each team create a multiple choice test for their own team based on three truths and one lie.  To make the competition fair, each team must have the same number of “test” items on their test.  Have the teams make three copies of their test and bring the test to the competition.  

The day of the competition, each team takes the three tests created by the opposing teams.  Teams receive points for each correct answer on their test.   After the competition take time for each team to share the correct answers with the other teams.  

Three Truths and One Lie is also a great activity to use with a group of new employees.  Schools, for example, often hire a number of new teachers at the start of the school year.  Have each new teacher create a three truths and one lie test and give that test to the other new employees.  This is not only a team competition, but also it can be an opportunity for the teachers to get to know each other.

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