Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Any excuse  to share food is  great motivation to staff.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will highlight some of the ways our schools use food to increase staff morale.  Below is a great way to incorporate a school bake-off into a team competition.  Lauren Feeback describes the competition and shares the simple scoring rubric the judges use.  

We have a school-wide bake-off, not just limited to people on teams.  Each team can submit as many desserts as they would like, but they only get points for their best-scoring item.  Desserts can be any kind – cookies, cakes, cobblers, ice cream.  We have a team of 3-4 judges who judge based on a dessert’s appearance, as well as its taste.  All the scores are tallied, and the dessert with the most points is the winner.   All the desserts are set out during lunch, and staff members can come and get a dessert to eat with lunch.

Scoring Rubric

Dessert 1

Taste:         10              9             8              7              6              5              4              3              2              1

Presentation:              5              4              3              2              1              

Chocolate Cake, Kit Kats and Pigs

Bon Appetit 

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