Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

The team competition  below is courtesy of Ms. Sharon Jackman, Instructional Supervisor for Anderson County Schools.  Sharon describes a great team building event for this time of the year.  You will be amazed how adults love to return to his or her childhood and relive simple events such as an Easter Egg Hunt.  My thanks to Sharon for sharing and I invite others that have great ideas to increase morale to share as well. 

Want to have some fun with your staff right before spring break?

1. Divide the staff (everyone - certified and classified - custodians and cafeteria too!) up into teams of 4 or 5 and purchase plastic eggs of various colors.
2. Hide the eggs in spaces students are not allowed to go (without an adult).     

3. Give each team a list of colors of eggs they must find (make sure you have enough of each color).

4. On Friday morning, March 29th, give each team a list of the colors of eggs to find.  They can hunt before school, on breaks, between classes, lunch, after school, planning, etc.

5. When they find all of the eggs, they turn them in for a prize (like a Reese Cup Egg, or Hershey's Bunny).

Adults LOVE this at all levels and it's a great team builder right before Spring Break.  (I did this with my staff and one of the teachers would not work with her team. She found all of them all by herself.  Three GROWN adults came to me and said, "Would you re-hide our eggs for us so that we can find them?)

The object is to work as a team to find all the colors of eggs on their list.  Call me if you need help and I'll help you!  Fun! Fun!  Take pictures!

Have fun!

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