Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Lean in 2013"

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Today's blog entry and pictures are courtesy of Ms. Carrie Apple of Royal Spring Middle School.  Carrie describes a fitness competition that has motivated over 20 staff members at RSMS.  I love it when staff work together to reach any type of goal - I especially love it when the goal is fitness.  

A little friendly competition never hurts when you want to lose weight.   For the past 10 weeks, the teachers, administration, and staff and Royal Spring have been competing in a weight loss competition called “Lean in 2013.” 23 people are competing against each other for individual bragging rights, but they also formed teams so they could enter the county-wide “Lean in 2013” contest.  RSMS formed 5 teams who are competing against other teams in Scott County.  Every Titan team came up with their own name…Mission SlimPossible, Team 2 Beat, Team Tide, Team PASS, and Operation Shrink a Booty.  RSMS is up against some tough competition (Georgetown Fire department, Scott County Judge Executive’s office, News Graphic, Georgetown Hospital, etc.).   RSMS will find out next week if any of their teams placed. 

      In order to support each other, a private Facebook page was created for RSMS competitors and team members so they could share their progress, post their fitness pictures, share recipes, and encourage each other through the process.  4 participants even braved the 30 degree temps so they could take part in the Extreme Rampage obstacle course.  A trainer\dietician came to the school to teach a 3 part healthy eating class, competitors started working out after school together, and weekly weigh-ins have become the norm.  Not everyone signed up for the 10 week competition, but we saw a spike in activity among non-competitors in the school as well. Collectively, RSMS participants collectively lost over 300 pounds!   *Winners will be based on the percentage of weight loss.*

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