Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Name that Tune - Model Lab Style

The team competition described  below is courtesy of  a former teaching colleague of mine, Stephen Willis.  Stephen currently teaches at Model Laboratory School in Richmond Kentucky.  Stephen has taken the team competition of Name that Tune to a whole new level.  I really like the unique slant on an old team competition game.  Below, he gives a description of Model Laboratory School and a description of the competition.  

Model Laboratory School is a Pre-K – 12 school located at Eastern Kentucky University.  It currently has an enrollment of 750 students.  The school has a voluntary team competition called Model Behavior.  The teams consist of faculty and staff from elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

Name That Tune

Songs with a common theme are typed individually onto slips of paper.  Each team must select one person to pick a song at random and play it on a kazoo.  The team has 15 seconds to guess the song.  If they fail the other teams may guess the song.  Themes that may be used are Christmas, summer, beach, school, love, etc... 

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