Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fact or Fiction Competition

In my ebook, I describe Three Truths and One Lie as a Team Competition.   In Three Truths and One Lie, each competitor writes three truths and one lie about himself or herself.  The other competitors have to decide which statement is the lie.  An example of what a competitor’s question may look like in Three Truths and One Lie is listed below.

John Doe
A. Was on Romper Room as a child
B. Rode a mule through a Mexican city
C. Loves to scrapbook
D. Attended 7 different schools as a child 

Eastern Elementary has developed this idea into a Fact or Fiction competition.  Kelsey Davis describes the competition from the Sunshine Club below. 

Click to Enlarge
 We went with a “two truths and a lie” theme.  Each staff member composed three statements—two are true, one is a lie.  All three statements are posted in the lounge.  We’re having a blast trying to guess what is true and what is false!!!

Rachel Wilhoite, our art teacher, designed the board.  It has a detective theme with file folders, finger prints, and a magnifying class.

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