Friday, April 26, 2013

Six Great Ideas

   Today's blog is courtesy of Michelle Cassady, Director of Instruction for Woodford County Schools.  Michelle has sent a lot of wonderful ideas that can be used to increase morale in many different areas.  I am sharing just six of the ideas today.    My thanks to Michelle for sharing ideas and I look forward to sharing more ideas over the next couple of weeks. 

   1.  “Another Great Week” Coffee Café celebration—end of week get-together with coffee house atmosphere (coffee, tea, scones)—play someone’s IPOD playlist or invite a musician to play
 2.  T.G.I.T. Refreshments—Thank Goodness It’s Today---everyone writes a note about what they are thankful for on a post-it note to display
3.     Adult Wellness Time—teach a hula hoop session (or have someone else teach) every Monday after school for 15 minutes for the adults
  4.  Above and Beyond Drawing—have faculty member put names of other colleagues in a drawing when they see them do something that shows they are going “above and beyond” in their jobs—have a drawing where the winner gets the principal teaching their class for one hour
 5.  Have your student leadership team make signs to decorate the teachers lounge (after school) to surprise the staff with Bravo, You’re Great, You Rock. 
6    6. Have the oldest students in your school and/or PTO write in colored chalk every teacher’s name and positive messages.

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