Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank You Notes

Sending a staff member a Thank You note is one of the most effective ways to increase staff morale.    As I walk through our buildings I see the notes teachers have received posted on the wall next to his or her desk. We all have staff members that deserve a note of thanks but may have never have received one.

A simple way to increase the number of notes to our deserving staff is to start every administrative meeting by having each member of the administrative team write a note of thanks to a staff member.  Place on the agenda as the first item - 1.  Write Thank You Note.   By making this a priority, we make it important to recognize our staff on a regular basis.

As a school principal my administrative team wrote notes at most all meetings for three years.  Almost every one of my staff members received at least two to three notes during this period.  I  may not be able to measure the effectiveness of this practice with my staff but it was personally very rewarding.  By taking time to actually write a note enabled me to think of how blessed I was to have such a great staff and how all of my staff have gifts that made my school so effective.


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