Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Publication

The purpose of the blog is to give opportunities to share Team Competitions and other innovative ways to increase staff morale.  Below is the first competition that is described the book Team Competitions .

1.  Scavenger Hunt

Suggested Time:   12-15 minutes
Suggested Points:  5 points per item

Our scavenger hunt has a different twist.  We create a list of 15 to 20 items or characteristics that our staff must find among our students.  Items our competitors had to find in the past include: a receipt from The Waffle House, set of twins, a drivers license with a certain birthday or a John Deere hat.  A list from a recent scavenger hunt is included below. 

            The objective is to find each item on the list from a student and then have the student and the item report to a judge to get credit. We have a 15 minute period of time when students arrive at school before they report to first hour.  As students are preparing for the day or getting off the bus, staff members are looking for things on their list throughout the school.

We have one volunteer judge keep a list for each team and once an item was reported to the judge, the students are told by the judge that another team cannot use their item to get credit again. Judges mark off each item as it is reported to them. It may help to have the judge write the name of the student with the item to keep other teams from using the item again.

Our scavenger hunt is created for a school but can easily be adapted for other organizations.  When creating your list include some items that multiple students may have, some items that only a few students may have, and then a couple of items that only one or two students may have.  Items that are common to only one or two students may take some additional time and planning. For our school, we would look on the student database and find a student with a certain birthday; competitors have to find the student with that birthday and report to a judge to get credit.  Your organization will have your own unique items.

The following page has examples of items we have included in past Scavenger Hunts. 

Staff Scavenger Hunt

Find the following among our students:

1.   A Kentucky quarter
2.    Student with 13 letters in his or her last name
3.   IPod with Hank Williams Jr. on the playlist
4.   A Livestrong bracelet
5.   Any clothing item with “rival team” on it.
6.    A two dollar bill
7.    A shirt with Georgetown Middle on it
8.    A shirt with Scott County Middle on it.
9.    A  D.A.R.E. shirt
10.   A football jersey that can be evenly divided by #9.
11.   An IPod with an episode of The Office.
12.   Set of fraternal or identical twins (both have to be present).
13.   A skateboard
14.   Anything from Starbucks
15.   2007 State Basketball Championship Ring

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