Friday, January 11, 2013

Minute to Win It

If you are struggling to create a Team Competition, don’t hesitate to use ideas that are already successful.  A competition we have with our staff are task that are on the game show “Minute to Win It”.    

Task such as: Face the Cookie in which the contestant, using only their face, must move two Oreo cookies individually from their forehead to their mouth or Hanky Panky where the contestant must quickly pull all the tissues out of a box of 160 tissues, one at a time, using only one hand.

It is often difficult to create new and original ideas for competitions.  Websites such as Minute to Win It Game Ideas   give over 150 game ideas for quick and simple competitions with your staff.  We usually have three different task each time we have a competition and give team points for completing the task.  We also ask that a person can only complete one of the three task and that everyone gets a chance to compete if they wish to try. 

Contestants will place themselves in unusual positions, it may be fun to have a camera ready to capture them completing the task. 

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