Thursday, January 3, 2013

Email Trivia

Some post on this blog will not be Team Competitions but simple activities to increase staff morale.  The following is an example:  

Next time you need a quick and simple event for your staff, consider email trivia.  Set a time  every hour to send a trivia question by email to the staff.  In school we would send it out as soon as the bell to release class rang every hour for the entire day.  The first one to respond with the correct answer by email would win a simple prize (candy bar, lottery ticket etc...)  I would take the prize to the teacher during that class and  ask the teacher to select a number between 1-30 (if there were 30 students in the class, it would depend on the number on the class roster).  The number selected would then correspond to the student number on the roll.  That student would also get a candy bar or other simple prize.

This activity can easily be adapted for other workplaces.   As you plan this, there are two items to consider.  Let the staff know what time the questions should appear and think of trivia questions that are broad and not so specific that some staff couldn't answer.

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