Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Days to celebrate in February

February is often seen as the longest short month of the year.  Football season is over, the weather is cold, the days are still short and there is still a while until another break.  I recommend finding unusual dates to celebrate during this month.
One of my twitter follows is Mental Floss (I highly recommend it).  One of the recent post on Mental Floss focuses on 20 offbeat holidays and anniversaries in the month of February.  Dates such as National Pancake Day (which is today), library lovers day, random acts of kindness day, weatherman day (Bill Meck mentioned this about 20 times tonight) and one of my favorites-  single task day.
My challenge to you is to take one or two of these dates and celebrate with your staff. For instance, on Single Task day - ask that there will be no communication through email.  On National Librarian day, have teachers donate his or her favorite book to the library.  The point is to find different ways to celebrate with your staff.
This link will take you to the 20 Offbeat Holidays in February.  If you are a twitter follower, I would take this opportunity to follow Mental Floss - it has an unique way to look at the world.

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