Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teacher Multivitamin Pack

      The following post is courtesy of the Scott County High School Guidance department.  At the start of every school year we would do a one day new teacher orientation.  The counselors would give the new teachers a  bottle  of M&M's labeled Teacher Multivitamin Pack at the end of their part of the orientation.  Each color of the M&M represented a specific healing power.  It was important for the new teachers to understand that we knew there were tough times ahead and we both emphasized with them and were there to support them.  There were a lot of refills over the years.  

Teacher Multivitamin Pack

Yellow  - Kills infection by patience worn thin.
Brown  - Relieves pain caused by changes in schedules.
Red     - Ensures stamina for lengthy parent conferences.
Blue     - Gives energy to get you through the day.
Green   - Increases your power of persuasion.
Orange  - Relieves tension caused by Infinite Campus.

REFILL:  Refill as often as needed in the Counselor’s Office.

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