Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Student of the Week

A lot of schools recognize "Students of the Week".  In today's blog, I will highlight how Scott County High School not only recognizes academic excellence but also highlights students for leadership, effort, spirit and most improved. By recognizing students in different areas, it appreciates different strengths and it helps develop an appreciation for hard work and growth.  To develop a "Growth Mindset" we must recognize student effort and their willingness to push themselves for constant improvement. The program at SCHS does a great job of recognizing student and helps develop a growth mindset with the students. 

Mrs. Julie Marshall, French teacher, organizes the program.  One of the most unique aspects of the program is the prize list students get to select his or her prizes. What I really like is how teachers and administration personalize prizes as they add their own unique ideas to the list.  There is even a prize that allows lunch with the Principal.  Below is a list of prizes students can select: 

   Student of the Week Prize List
Please choose one(1) and return to Mrs. Marshall in Rm 246
Student’s Name:____________________
____10 minute extended lunch 1 day during your week (to be arranged with your 4th hour teacher)
____Ticket to a sporting event of your choice (non-tournament)
____ Homemade cookies from Mrs. Napier
____2 free homework passes for Mrs. Marshall’s French class
____ 2 free tickets to the fall play
____ two free tickets to the spring musical
____ 2 free tickets to the fall choral concert
____ 2 free tickets to the winter choral concert
____ 2 free tickets to the Ice Cream concert
____ Exemption from 1 reading quiz- GOPO
____  Drop lowest quiz grade in GOPO
____ Drop lowest grade in APUSH (excluding tests)
____ Drop a homework grade from Mrs. Adkins
____ Candy bar from Mr. Marshall
____ 2008-2009 yearbook
____ 2010-11 yearbook
____  library fines forgiven
____ brownies from Mrs. Feeback
____ m&m chocolate chip cookies from Mrs Murphy
____ Drop lowest grade in WHAP (excluding tests and quizzes) (Mrs. Booth)
____ Exemption from one reading quiz or homework questions in WHAP (Booth)
____ one cheesecake from Mr. Maxwell (1 only per semester)
____ pizza lunch with Mr. Howatt
____ two bathroom passes for Ms. Manlief
____ 1 dropped weekly quiz from Ms. Mucio
____ No bake cookies from Mrs. Dant
____ drop lowest quiz score for Mrs. Faulkner’s World Civ or US history class
____ Drop lowest homework grade in Mrs. Beckett’s class
____ 1 day late pass in AP Biology with Ms. Spears
____ Drop lowest grade on the 9 weeks for Biology with Ms. Spears
____ One no dress day in PE from Mrs. Wands
____  $3 McDonalds gift certificate from Ms. Nichols
____ bag of gummy bears from Mr Gravitt
____ free rice krispie treat or no bake cookies from Mrs Pope’s class on Friday

Along with the prize students are recognized on a bulletin board at the front entrance of SCHS.   

SCHS also recognizes an outstanding member of the faculty along with a parent or volunteer of the week.

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