Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben

Please indulge me as this post is a diversion from the purpose of my blog.  I do welcome comments to ways your life has change in the last 20 years.  To see how fast the world is changing, I highly recommend clicking on the video link at the end of the post.

Twenty years ago my American Studies students were producing, directing and acting in Our Town.  This timeless classic made me remember a time that was just a bit more simple.

Act II of Our Town starts:
Three years have gone by.
Yes, the sun's come up over a thousand times.
Some babies that weren't even born before have begun talking regular
sentences already; and a number of people who thought they were right young
and spry have noticed that they can't bound up a flight of stairs like they used
to, without their heart fluttering a little.
All that can happen in a thousand days.

My son Ben turns 20 years old tomorrow.  I thought it would be interesting to look back at a world in which the sun has come up over seven thousand times.

20 Years Ago I:
  • Thought emails were actually interesting.
  • Could read an editorial comment and expect someone's name with it.
  • Had no idea what texting would be or become (really still don't).
  • Still watched  video cassette tapes, DVD were as big as albums. And still had albums.
  • Followed the  Reds and Kentucky Wildcats who had 5 World Series/National Championships, now Kentucky basketball has 8 and the Reds are still at 5.  
  • Had no idea what a DVR, Kindle, HD TV, Bluetooth would be.
  • Was pretty happy to get 12 songs on a CD. Now I can get thousands on a ipod the size of a matchbox.
  • Used a map or AAA Trip Tik when I went on a trip.
  • Had no idea that a phone that fit in my hand would be much more powerful than the computer that took up my whole desk.
  • Still had my photos developed and worried about wasting film. 
  • Still rolled up my windows in my car by hand.
  • Went for really long bike rides and never even considered taking a cell phone. Don't even remember if I had a cell phone.
  • Could never imagine - Google, YouTtube, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Words with Friends and Blogs.
  • Cheered for the players in the uniforms.  The players move on so fast now - mainly cheer for the uniform.
To see how fast the world is really moving, I invite to you watch Did You Know video.  It will absolutely blow your mind to think how fast change is now happening.

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