Saturday, February 16, 2013



The post below from the administration of Scott County Middle School proves you don't need to spend money to reward your staff.  Sometimes a little time off means the world to your teachers and staff.  Thanks to Cristina Green for sharing the following idea from the administration of SCMS.  

Staff members at SCMS participate in the fun of earning tickets and rewards for going above and beyond every day at their job just like students! We have been working hard to find fun and creative ways to reward staff members since their tastes differ significantlyJ. One very motivating reward we have found is our GOOSE. (Thanks to Melinda Halsey at Western and her donation of a red goose!). GOOSE stands for “Get Out Of School Early” and our teachers have a chance to win the GOOSE at each raffle drawing and have an administrator cover the last 30 minutes of their day. Some staff members have even suggested variations such as, rather than leaving early they would like to leave for lunch one day or have a certain class covered by an administrator.

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