Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minute to Win It - ECS Style

Team competitions are not only designed for faculty and staff but also for our students.  Recently I observed an awards ceremony at Elkhorn Crossing School with a different twist.  The students received certificates for excellence in academics and for perfect attendance but they also had the opportunity to win additional prizes by playing Minute to Win It competitions.

There are dozens of Minute to Win It competitions with video descriptions on YouTube.  Elkhorn Crossing principal, Michelle Nichols, introduced each competition with a video and then started the one minute timer.  Below are links to three of the competitions the students played that day.

A Bit Dicey -  Video link to a bit dicey  Played with marshmallows instead of dice.  

Noodling Around - Video link to noodling around

Face the Cookie -  Video link to face the cookie

Mrs. Nichols also used a timer from Minute to Win It countdown clock to add authenticity.

The students really appreciated the staff of ECS for taking the extra step of not only recognizing excellent work but the opportunity to have fun.  The prizes for winning were insignificant, the real reward was the opportunity to play, have fun and be a kid again.

As this blog evolves, I invite you to share ways to motivate all stakeholders in any line of work or profession.

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